Profitable Donations

An easy way to help nonprofits generate extra donations and raise awareness for their organization.

Profitable Donations uses a platform called Bercode, from Benefit Barcode Inc.

The Bercode Platform enables you to develop and manage your community by providing them with unique benefits that allow you to improve supporter engagement and earn extra income.

Happy and Do Good
People like to do good, but together we can make it even better!

- In addition to a thank you letter, you now can give your supporters something extra to show your gratitude, and it doesn't cost you anything.
- The donor can proudly show the received virtual product - which expresses their commitment to your cause - to their family and friends and motivate others to become supporters.
- They can also enjoy other benefits, such as shopping discounts on purchases or attending exclusive events.

How to use the Platform
How do I use the Platform?

Nonprofits may issue benefit barcodes - bercodes - for free (they become bercode issuers).
Donors may give monetary donations by purchasing a virtual product. Thanks to our freemium business concept, 100% of the money spent on purchases could go to the nonprofit.
Virtual gifts can also be sent to those who did not donate through our platform (they mail a check, for example). The nonprofit can also give away virtual products to its volunteer members.

Breaking barriers
How do we stand out?

Increase your organization’s income by rewarding your donors with extra benefits!
The donor is happy to receive a virtual gift, and through our augmented reality capable app, they may display the gift on their desk and even take photos, record videos of it, and share it on their social media.
If they wish to order the physical product, they can do that too.

Bercode Start Now!

...and the best of all

If your nonprofit has retailers or local service providers among your donors, you may ask them to become a bercode Acceptance Point. Acceptance Points use bercodes to identify bercode owners and offer various discounts for them.

Why would they do that, you may ask? Donors are motivated to shop at stores that support the same cause and they even get a discount.

We pay a sales commission for bercode acceptors brought in from your circle of contacts, even if members of other communities can also buy there at a discount.

The World's first WIN-WIN-WIN platform

Win-win-win Platform

Leading the pack

The new donate button on your website will direct your donor to the support page you created. Examples of this can be found here:, here:, here:, or here: The webshop can be personalized with the nonprofit’s photos and logos.
Your supporters donate by purchasing virtual products (mugs, cards, key tags, etc.), and they may even upload their own pictures onto the products. By regularly using the bercodes on the products, donors can save more money than the donation amount.

Our business concept is to connect community members with retailers and service providers. As the number of acceptance points increases, more and more people want to become supporters in order to get access to customer benefits.

Our platform provides a web-based administration system for our partners, accessible by multiple managers and administrative staff. Product purchases, donations or commissions received after using bercodes can all be tracked in real-time. We also send out daily sales data traffic reports.

You can start using our platform free of charge, as virtual products have no manufacturing costs. You can learn how to use our system quickly and easily in a matter of hours.

If you are interested and would like to try our free services, register and create your free customer profile now at No costs and no obligations for you.

Stuck? We're here to help! You may find a solution to your problem here: or send us an email to or please call +1 (310) 695-1717!

Bercode Start Now!
Profitable Donations Donate Buttons

Click the image to download 12 versions of the donation buttons in a zip file.

Here are some examples of what your new donation button might look like.

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